Saturday 2nd July 2022
A Beautiful Intimate Outdoor Summer Wedding at Homme House HerefordshireClick to Zoom

A Beautiful Intimate Outdoor Summer Wedding at Homme House Herefordshire


Freya & Terry like so many other couples had their wedding date changed a few times due to the horrible C word that hit our nation. Sadly they also had to change their venue but they really did land on their feet because their wedding was held at the stunning Homme House in Herefordshire, hosted by Sarah and Charlie (who really are beyond exceptional wedding hosts).

Homme House is one of my favourite local wedding venues. It's set in gorgeous grounds at Much Marcle and is simply stunning! The gardens are amongst the nicest I have ever seen at a wedding venue and the grounds are vast; meadows, a woodland, wildflowers, rose garden, the prettiest of borders, spectacular views and a choice of locations to marry. Freya and Terry had their nearest and dearest join them for their day and they married in the walled garden beside the wildflower gardens in front of the prettiest of summerhouses. Their wedding reception was held outdoors under cover over a marquee on the lawn beside the stunning Georgian property. 

Their day featured lots of beautiful, bright and colourful florals created by Lydia at The Floral Roundabout and Freya's bridesmaids wore lots of colourful dresses too. 

Both Freya and Terry love crazy golf and they hired Original Tee to provide them with a great source of fun and gently competitive entertainment during the drinks reception, they also had a selection of garden games for guests to enjoy. Caviar and Chips provided an exquisite vegan menu for their guests and was enjoyed by all. 

We took a few moments after dinner to capture some lovely portraits around the grounds. Freya and Terry had spent hours upon hours crafting origami cranes and had them hanging both inside and out adding lots of extra detail and colour to their day. 

The biggest surprise of their day was organised by Terry's brother who is a pilot and knows the right people in the right places. He surprised everyone with a flyover by The Red Arrows (they happen to be a serious childhood love of mine originating back to my dad's passed on love of planes and some very fond memories. I even have a photo of us sat in a red arrow when we lived in Cyprus and were based on the RAF base) needless to say I was equally as delighted and bounced around a little with such an amazing experience to capture! 

Terry's Suit - Ted Baker

Wedding Cake - Special Ice Ledbury (Sarah & Shelia)

Smaller more intimate weddings are definitely becoming much more popular and I love an outdoor wedding too especially in such a beautiful location such as Homme House! 

Lace bridal dress hanging on a four poster bed in the bridal suite of homme house

Portrait image of lace bridal dress detail hanging from a four poster bed in the bridal suite of homme house Bride having her hair done by a hairdresser getting ready for her wedding

the red arrows flying in the sky over homme house releasing white smoke

The red arrows flying over homme house, remains on the white smoke over the roof

bridesmaids looking out of the window of homme house as the red arrows flew over

colourful buttonholes and corsages arranged on card ready for guests to place on their suits/wrists

Wedding cake adorned with colours garden flowers

View of a wedding cake and colourful flowers taken from above

bride and her father walking outdoors in front of origami cranes to the wedding ceremony

bride, groom and wedding guests outdoors in the walled garden of homme house wedding ceremony

close up image of bride and groom holding hands during their wedding ceremony

bride and groom sat smiling listening to a guest play a song on their guitar

groom outdoors reading his bride hand written vows

close up of groom holding bride's hand whilst reading hand written vows

bride and groom stood outdoors as their ceremony ends in front of the summerhouse at homme house. Cute floral heart wreath on the door

Bride and groom walking through a path lined with wedding guests covered with floating confetti, lots of happy smiles and excitement

bride and groom outdoors walking through a cloud of confetti being thrown by their weddings guests

bride hugging a family member tightly at her outdoor wedding ceremony

bride groom and guests walking outdoors from their wedding ceremony towards their outdoor drinks reception on the lawn at homme house

bride groom and bridesmaids in floral dresses standing for a more formal group photos in front of a floral bush

close up photo of the bride holding her colourful and vibrant bouquet

wedding outdoors, bride and groom walking through lots of confetti being thrown over them at homme house in herefordshire

detail of the bride's colourful bouquet against the lace of the bride's wedding dress

scene setting and detail photo of the marquee at a wedding reception, lots of ribbons, colour, beautiful place settings

wedding reception detail in a sideless marquee set for an outdoors reception, lots of colour, festival and colours themed photo of the chairs at an outdoor wedding reception with ribbons handing from the backs, place settings

menu and place settings at an outdoor wedding reception on a lawn at homme house

Wide photo of the sideless marquee at an outdoor wedding reception on the lawn at homme house

wider photo of the wedding reception outdoors on the lawn of homme house, burning handing from the marquee

guests playing crazy golf on the lawn at homme house wedding venue  wedding guests and flower girl playing crazy golf on the lawn at a wedding reception

the summerhouse at homme house walled garden with the floral wreath having from the door colourful floral wreath at a wedding reception hanging from the door at the venue

origami hearts hanging from an arch in the gardens at homme house. The summerhouse is standing in the background

View of the gardens and apple orchards with origami cranes hanging from them in the gardens of homme house close up photo of the origami cranes hanging ing the orchard of the gardens at homme house

view of the front of homme house

speeches photo capturing the bride and groom's reactions with guests in the background

photograph from the speeches at an outdoor wedding reception at homme house

bride and groom facing towards each other stood by the orchard at homme house

bride facing towards the groom smiling in the orchard of homme house

detail of the groom in his suit with buttonhole  photo of the detail and lace of the bride's dress. the photo is of just the side of the bride

bride and groom stood in front of handmade origami cranes in the garden of homme house. The summerhouse is pictured in the background, evening sky

bride and groom in pretty bordered borders of homme house, groom is kissing the bride's face, they're stood holding the bouquet/hands


Are you having an outdoor wedding at Homme House or in Herefordshire, Gloucestershire or Worcestershire (or indeed further afield) - I'd love to discuss your day with you and hear your plans! 

I love small, intimate weddings and weddings in such stunning settings. Freya and Terry's day was so relaxed, filled with lots of colour, fun, making and capturing such beautiful memories for them and their wonderful families.