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Capturing Timeless Memories; The Importance of Family in Newborn Photography

Family Newborn Photography in Malvern, Worcestershire

Celebrating Love, Diversity & Family Bonds


As a specialist newborn photographer based in Malvern, Worcestershire, I understand the significance of documenting the precious early moments of a new life. But there's more to newborn photography than just adorable baby pictures; for me and many of the new parents and families I photograph it’s about capturing the essence of family, the bond, love and memories that will be cherished for a lifetime (and beyond). 


As you embark on this beautiful journey of parenthood, I’d love to shed some light as to why I think it's crucial to include parents (and grandparents) in your newborn session. I’m extensively trained in newborn photography and have my favourite go to poses that are hugely popular in my newborn sessions. These poses are not only designed to make you feel comfortable but also celebrate the bonds that define your family.


I’m inclusive of all new parents and have captured same sex families, solo mums by choice who have undergone conception via IVF, single mums and heterosexual couples too. My aims never change; I’m here to capture your journey and memories, the love you have for your new baby and beautiful moments for you to look back on for years to come. 


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The Power of Family: Creating Lasting Memories

One of the primary reasons to include family members in newborn photography is to create lasting memories. There's a reason why we call them ‘newborn’ sessions. This particularly stage of your baby’s life is fleeting and it's essential to capture it while it lasts. Including parents (and grandparents, siblings and animal family members such as dogs) is a beautiful way to narrate your story.

Seeing your family in these photos, lovingly displayed around your home, connects your child to their roots. It shows them that they were born into a world filled with unconditional love, the images help to strengthen your bond, depicting your story and instil confidence as your little one grows up, these moments are cherished by generations. 


Hayley Morris Photography newborn photographer malvern Worcestershire dad skin to skin photo holding baby Hayley Morris photography newborn photographer malvern worcester mum wrapped in silk with baby skin to skin


Hayley morris photography newborn photographer worcester family portrait with newborn baby



 Beautiful Kind Words from a Newborn Parent 



 "Hayley did a newborn photoshoot for us.

She took the time out beforehand to understand what we wanted from the shoot and the kind of pictures we were after.

on the day she was very accommodating, she was amazing with the posing and colour choices, checking with us every step of the way. Hayley had an array of wonderfully cute props allowing us to get involved and choose what we liked. The end result with the pictures was amazing, far exceeding our expectations, so much so it made me rather emotional.


  You only get to capture these moments with your newborn once and Hayley did this perfectly and we will forever be grateful to her.


We would highly recommend Hayley for her professionalism, her attention to detail, how she puts you at ease and looks after your precious newborn and ultimately the quality of the pictures"

Expressing Love and Connection


Newborn photography sessions provide the perfect opportunity to express your love and connection. By including parents (and grandparents, siblings or dogs), you capture the genuine affection and bond that surrounds the baby. These moments become a foundation and testament to the depth of love within the family.


As Your Baby Grows


As they grow, children will treasure these photographs. Seeing their parent(s), grandparents, siblings and animal family members in these images will help provide them with a glimpse into their family's history. It's a gift they'll carry with them throughout their lives and a visual reminder of the huge love for them as they arrived into the world. 





Empathy with New Mummies

I’m very empathic, mindful and sensitive when it comes to posing and photographing new parents. Two of the main concerns voiced to me by new mums is often ‘I’ve gained some weight during my pregnancy’ or ‘I really don’t feel at my best post delivery’ - these concerns are completely normal and acknowledged by myself, I was once a new mum having gone through a traumatic birth myself and fully appreciate how you might be feeling. I always work carefully and sensitively whilst making you feel comfortable, confident and beautiful capturing your love as you’ve arrived into motherhood. 

My studio setting is calm and relaxed - it’s a safe and trusting atmosphere designed for comfort. 

I will write further about this topic in a separate blog post in the near future. 


Beautiful words from a recent new mum -

‘I’m so glad you encouraged me to be in a few photos as I felt so self conscious about how I looked after having him but I now have these beautiful photos forever and not only that, the photos you’ve taken of us are some of the nicest I’ve ever had taken of me!’ 






Your Newborn Session With Me 


As a specialist newborn photographer, first and foremost in every session I capture is to ensure the safety of your new baby. My next priority is for families to feel at ease and comfortable during their session. Communication is key, ensuring that you are comfortable. I fully appreciate that being in front of the camera can be daunting particularly when sleep deprived and not feeling at our best. I’m here to support you through this process, to reassure you and to ease any anxieties you may have. Rest assured, my aim is not to focus on the postpartum aspects, but to capture the radiant love and the pure essence of motherhood and becoming a new parent. 







Are you searching for a newborn photographer to capture your new moments as a family once your baby arrives?
Book in a free no obligation consultation with me to talk through your session - I always find it is so much easier speaking on the phone about something so unique and personal.

I look forward to hearing from you and capturing your journey into parenthood and beyond 

Hayley x








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