Tuesday 19th July 2022
Welcome to my Newborn Photography Studio in Malvern WorcestershireClick to Zoom

Welcome to my Newborn Photography Studio in Malvern Worcestershire

Welcome to my studio...

one of my happy places to be; I capture the most precious of times in families' lives, their memories and their special moments - for mums and dads to be, new parents and families. I create portraits, stunning pieces of art for you to display lovingly in your home and pass down to your little ones in years to come. I love and adore being creative and I put my heart and soul into creating and capturing the most precious of images for you. 
I am a specialist newborn and maternity photographer based by Malvern in Worcestershire and regularly capture sessions for people from Herefordshire, Worcester and Gloucestershire too. 

I started photographing portraits (children, families and details/products) in excess of 12 years ago. And knew when my career went into photography full time capturing maternity and newborns was an absolute must. I used to photograph babies and sessions from clients' homes initially. I still offer this but only for lifestyle newborn and family sessions rather than studio sessions (these are very different and require so much less in terms of equipment). The size of my lighting, the quantity of props, the amount of flooring and backdrop options, fabrics, accessories, needing a hard floor and everything else that I require to capture newborn sessions comfortably and safely grew far too much for me to remain mobile (I'd need a much bigger vehicle). 


 Lots of fabrics for a posing bag for newborn photography baby sessions, multiple colours Newborn posing bag prepped with neutral wool layer, bunny and romper. In the background there is a studio light in my studio at hayley morris phtography near malvern Knitted colourful layers in a box ready and prepped for a newborn photography session in my studio

 Boxes of newborn baby girl headbands on display and posed in a heart shape bowl along with coordinating wool layer on a wooden floor Floral pastel backdrop fabric with 5 floral headbands in coordinating colours of purple, yellow, aqua and pinks lay on the fabric

 Newborn studio session on cream and wooden backdrop. Baby is wearing a vintage cream romper posed on a cream bed with headband and  her leg gently hanging over the edge. Flowers and white bunny sat at the base on the bed on the floor

I created my space where I work now - and I love it! It isn't massive however it works perfectly, it's light, airy and comfortable. I'm a single, full time working mum and the sole provider to a teen daughter with additional needs (I'm regularly told how patient and calm I am and I think raising my daughter has helped me to remain calm, to be patient and understand a child's needs) - I need to be closer to home in order to work efficiently but be close by too (and my setup and space enables this to work brilliantly). 

I am able to offer a wonderful and very comfortable experience and service to my clients from the outset and their initial enquiry with me. Prior to your session we will have spoken at least once by telephone (usually more) and potentially by email too. We go through my newborn prep guide, what you'd like from your session, what to expect and what to bring with you to ensure that you're fully informed and prepared for your session so that it can run as smoothly and more importantly be as enjoyable as possible, I love to create wonderful memories and a really happy, positive experience for you. Upon arrival parents can settle in comfortably and have a relaxed feed with their little one, all being well they will naturally drift into a sleep. I'll have prepared or created some ideas in advance after our discussion and this is where the session then comes to life - I work hard to capture photographs for your home and memories based on our discussions and provide a wonderful (and frequently first) outing for you. 

 pale pink backdrop on the floor with vintage newborn posing bed, dusky pink mattress and fairy, handmade baby flower crown and flowers to the side of the bed. The set is ready for a baby phootography session Pale blue backdrop in photography studio. White vintage bowl lay on the flooring with deep navy sheep wool stuffer and white bunny accessory, pale blue wrap draped from it - ready for newborn baby sessions

Wooden vintage pretty plank photography backdrop in pastel colours with flowers. Baby is wrapped and posed lay in a bed prop wearing a purple headband on a colourful knitted layer with blossom flowers and branch placed around the edge of the bed

Your newborn session is baby led; it's based around their comfort (as my priority) at all times. I have a selection of gorgeous props, fabrics, outfits (for new mums and babies), flooring, wraps, headbands, flowers and so much more (collected over many years) used to create your works of art. You really are spoilt for choice with colours, textures, prints, outfits and props. A family recently said to me that there can't be anything that I don't have for a session. 

baby lay partially wrapped and posed in a heart shape over a lilac/grey fabric  Cream backdrop on a posing bag with a baby lay posed and curled sleeping in a hammock type pose with a matching cream wrap

Sessions can include your baby unwrapped and posed on my posing bag, wrapped, wraps draped beautiful over them, posed and curled in a flokati fur, in props (the cutest little beds, heart bowls, buckets, wooden bowls) and more, the possibilities for your session are endless.

baby lay on their side, posed on a posing bag for newborn baby photos on a white textured fabric   black and white photo of a newborn baby lay with their eyes open, close up of their face. They are lay on a posing bag for newborn studio photography

As part of your session I offer the most beautiful, classic and elegant family portraits and the opportunity to have your memories, moments and photos captured together with your new arrival. I gently encourage this; their arrival is a new beginning and chapter in not only their lives but yours too and it's your journey and beginning of your story and history together as a new family. I've captured so many wonderful families over the years including families with first time parents, solo mums by choice, families with an older brother or sister (or multiple siblings), twins and sometimes grandparents too! I even love welcoming dogs into my studio! There is the option to have more classic looking portraits, beautiful black and white backlit photos, photos including just your hands, wearing one of my session gowns and stunning skin to skin portraits too - lots of choice and options to suit how you feel and the look you'd like. 

New mum holding her identical twin babies having her portrait taken. Babies are wrapped in cream/white fabric. mum is wearing a white top Black and white photo on a black background, baby is posed and curled up womb like iand held in their parents hands from each side

Parents and their alsatian dog posed against a backdrop holding their wrapped newborn baby along with their dog sat with them  Family of 5, mum, dad, two older siblings wearing pink dresses posed with their new baby brother wrapped in a white wrap against a neutral backdrop in a photography studio at hayley morris photography

New mum wearing a gown with beads and floral detail on the bodice with tulle skirt. She's lying posed with her new baby wrapped in a white wrap. baby is smiling softly

I've spent and heavily invested many hours, days and months in training for my passion in newborn photography and have become a very experienced specialist in this area. Parents entrust me with their newborn babies; their baby's safety and comfort throughout the session is always my priority which is why I have taken training so extensively very seriously. I have photographed numerous twins sessions too. I've trained with some of the most renowned photographers in the world (from the USA and Australia) and the UK and undertake mentoring and assessments too. Over the years I have developed a deep understanding and experience in timing a newborn session, the flow of your session, understanding babies' needs, their cues, what to look out for and when they might give that lovely dreamy/windy smile too!

baby lay on a pale grey posing fabric on a posing bag. Baby is lay on their side with hand and arm out to their right side. You can see the detail and newness of the baby with the hair on their shoulder Baby wrapped in a teal fabric lay on a lighter teal fabric backdrop on a posing bag. Newborn baby is smiling

I take hygiene very seriously, following your session all fabrics used are washed in sensitive/non bio products. Props are cleaned, items wiped with antibacterial/antiviral wipes/cleaner. 

I take on a limited number of newborn sessions each month to accommodate families when their new bundles arrive into the world. Not every baby arrives on time, some are early, some may need additional support and care upon their arrival and some may make their entrance a little later than expected. I have experience of working with babies who were born prematurely and also with babies who have needed extra care by way of surgery following their birth. This is something discussed ahead of your session and I plan the timing and posing of your session accordingly. Likewise some new mums may need some extra time following a more complicated birth, having been through one myself I can empathise and will always ensure you are as comfortable as possible. 

If your baby has already arrived into the world and you haven't booked your session yet, please do get in touch I can often accommodate babies who have already arrived. 

If you have any questions regarding your session please don't hesitate to contact me. Speaking by phone is so much more personal and wonderful if possible however I appreciate it's not always so easy to find time. (A telephone consultation will be required before your session, there is information I need to share with you and take from you in order to plan your session and ensure it runs safely and efficiently). 

Often parents book sitter (6-10 month milestone) sessions for when their baby reaches the sitting stage independently. Many of the props and set colours can be carried on through into these sessions and I capture this really lovely stage in their and your lives filled with fun and smiles. I have a very extensive wardrobe filled with lovely outfits for this age range - they're adorable and so cute

Sitter aged baby 6 7 8 9 10 months old sat being photographed wearing a knitted neutral romper against a neutral backdrop. Baby has striking blue eyes

And likewise for cake smash sessions when your baby reaches one year of age, I offer first birthday photography. If you'd like to you can include colours from your newborn session as part of the portrait session at 12 months of age. We get to be exceptionally creative with first birthday photography and choosing a theme for this session is lots of fun! I work with the most amazing local cake maker for my sessions who has been supplying me with cakes (for both professional and personal use) for many years. 

 Studio setup ready for a cake smash session, neutral backdrop with lace, flowers and fairy lights. Cake to the foreground with floral icing on a slice of tree log

Newborn sessions are frequently booked from around 20 weeks of pregnancy however I take bookings whenever parents are ready (this could be earlier than 20 weeks or indeed later). If your baby has already been born please don't panic, I can usually find an opening to ensure your session is captured. 


I really look forward to welcoming you and capturing your little one when they arrive 
If you would like to discuss your session please get in touch 


Contact me by email or telephone 07772692750
I have a separate Instagram account for my newborn, maternity and studio work that you can find HERE


'When I asked Hayley to take some photographs of us with our newborn baby boy, and our two daughters aged three and five, I never expected the end result. I know from experience trying to capture the perfect picture with three children under six is near off impossible – but Hayley’s optimism from the start in terms of how she recommended the shoot should run, to how calm and patient she was on the day resulted in achieving just that – the most beautiful photographs I could have hoped for, a moment in time capturing two excited little girls and their new baby brother which I will cherish for a lifetime. 
She has a true talent; I can’t thank her enough'.
Sarah - Mum to two very excited and adorable little girls 
and new baby boy 
close up photo of a newborn baby's feet. baby is wrapped in a deep teal wrap and lay on a coordinating posing fabric on a posing bag
Baby wrapped in a white wrap at their newborn session. Photograph is taken against a neutral backdrop with two young girls (the baby's siblings) holding him. They are smiling/laughing and dressed in pink tulle dresses