Thursday 5th January 2023
What to expect from your Maternity Session with me at Hayley Morris PhotographyClick to Zoom

What to expect from your Maternity Session with me at Hayley Morris Photography


Capturing pregnancy photos really is a true honour for me and so very special


pregnant lady photographed against a black backdrop wrapped in a white silk scarf which has been thrown and floating down, gold glitter effect over the photo to one side


I adore these sessions firstly because they celebrate and capture such a wonderful time in life and they also capture just how amazing and beautiful our bodies are, the changes our bodies undergo and celebrating the impending arrival of a new chapter and beginnings. 

I would love for you to feel special throughout your session, to be proud of your body and all of the amazing changes it’s undergone and going through and for me to instil confidence too. My sessions are focused on positive body image and a true celebration of the beautiful changes that your body undergoes and your journey.

Black backdrop and a pregnancy lady photographed from the chest down with a sheer material covering her pregnant tummy. Image is in black and white

Your Maternity Session...

Your maternity session is completely tailored specifically for you and my aims throughout the session are always your comfort as a priority and to produce stunning, memorable and timeless images for you to celebrate this wonderful stage in your life. They take place at my studio just outside of Malvern in Worcestershire and have many clients visit from Worcester, Gloucestershire and Herefordshire. 

pregnant lady wearing sheer jewelled cape photographed against a white backdrop to form a silhouette with her pregnant tummy Pregnant lady wearing a nude colour sheer gown photographed for her maternity session against a grey backdrop


I have a consultation with every lady prior to their session to ensure we discuss the types of images you’d like and suggest ideas for your session that you may not have considered or known were available. 

During your consultation we go through various things like what to bring with you and how to prepare for your session. 

We discuss where and how you’d like the images from your session displayed and this helps me in terms of styling too. A small album to display your favourite images in is exceptionally popular for maternity sessions as well as prints and digital images. 


Pregnant lady wearing a white lace bodysuit lay on pink tulle fabric having her photo taken during her maternity session. Lady has flowers arranged in her hair


Photo of a pregnant lady posed wearing a white lace bodysuit holding her tummy, She's looking towards the camera smiling


I have a stunning selection of gowns (both fitted and floaty), tulle skirts, bodysuits, silky dresses, silk fabric, sheer fabric and chiffon. Many women love the floating fabric imagery I create and it’s a lovely way to involve partners too. 

Which leads me on to partners perfectly

I love having partners involved in these sessions and there are really lovely ways in which to do this. They’re very welcome and we’d discuss types of images and what to wear for the session too. 


backlit photo of a couple facing in towards each other. the lady is pregnant and posed carefully nude, the man is posed shirtless. They are holding hands and the lady is posed with her arm over her chest


black and white photo of a couple posed together. the lady is expecting a baby wearing a sheer cape with jewels over it . her partner is stood behind her embracing her wearing jeans and shirtless  black and white photo of a man and woman posed together, the woman is nude, posed sensitively covering her chest and is expecting a baby. Her partner is stood embracing her with his hand on her hip looking down towards her


In terms of styling of images my maternity sessions vary a lot. 

Images and styles range from more traditional portraits through to lots of sparkle and glitter being involved. I do offer the most beautiful and tasteful of nude images and I’m frequently booked for this reason because many women fall in love with them and how truly special they are. 


backlit silhouette photo in black and white of a woman's pregnant tummy photographed from her chest down to her lower bump. The lady is wearing underwear and her hand is under her bump


photograph of a pregnant lady photographed from the neck down holding silk material over her chest revealing her pregnant tummy. Photograph of a pregnant lady with tattoos posed nude sensitively with her hand over her chest. The light is very low and just skims over her pregnant tummy creating a lovely look


After your session I work hard to edit and prepare your images for your viewing and ordering session and you’re invited back to view a slideshow presentation of the images from your session

I adore the reactions during these sessions and I’ve had several mummies shed a few tears during their viewings this year and this fills me with all the feels of fulfilment knowing that the images I’ve captured have evoked those emotions - my heart feels full.

There are collections from which you can choose various prints and digital images and the opportunity within a collection to purchase the complete digital set of images from your session which is incredibly popular. 

In addition to collections I offer the most stunning wall art which many families purchase beautiful pieces for their homes. I offer wall art to suit various styles for your home and decor.


Pregnant lady photographed against a black backdrop wearing a gold glittering dress with long big draping sleeves. Lady is looking downwards to the side holding her pregnant tummy. The photo has added gold glitter in processing to add to the elegance and glamour of the image


black and white photo of a pregnant lady wearing an embroidered bodysuit and tulle skirt, she's smiling and looking upwards  pregnant lady lay on the floor posed wearing a white dress with sheer lower half, she has her one hand under her tummy, knees bent inwards and one hand towards her head and her long brown hair posed around her

Many mums to be take advantage of the offer I have available to book both a maternity and newborn session with me together and save a sum of money off their newborn balance 
Capturing both sessions for you brings continuity to your images, there are many photos we can capture in your maternity session that are then perfect to alter slightly but capture in your newborn session too. Your sessions are unique to you and styling can be continued with some images into your newborn session so that you have a fluid flowing story from your sessions and images will look beautifully coordinated and styled within your home 

If you’d like more details about my maternity sessions (and/or newborn sessions please get in touch with me and I’ll send the session information and we can arrange to speak about your sessions too) 


photo of a newborn baby curled up and loosely wrapped. she is posed on a creamy white backdrop and has each of her mums' hands on each side of her head


blue backdrop and a baby wrapped in a white wrap lay in a blue hammock. Baby appears to be posed with the hammock hanging from a large branch with foliage. All posing is done very safely for newborn photography


newborn baby lay loosely wrapped on a posing bag. baby is lay on his back and there is backlighting. Above him his older sister is looking down towards him smiling and very proud

I look forward to hearing from you and capturing your journey and precious milestones in your life


You can get in touch via email or call 07772692750 
Hayley x